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Optoma PK301 Review - Pico Pocket Dlp Projector

posted this on Jun 15 11:49 AM

hdmi to rca cable the sourceOptoma is aware of reliant on two about projectors, so it is really no real surprise the PK301 is not really only small , lgt, but built along with the exact same excellent since it's bigger siblings. This pico pumps out a somewhat bright image, and we definitely recognize the handy focusing ring. Having said that, the PK301's reasonably substantial value and short battery daily life take it spine. And you've got to leap by means of some hoops to look at PowerPoints.


The Optoma PK301 seems to be like like one particular with all the corporation's larger projectors had been left inside dryer way too extended. The oblong unit measures four.7 x a few.7 x one.2 ins and weighs the light 8 ounces. It really is all black, preserve towards the chrome-colored focusing ring across the lens, along with the sides have vertical slats to permit air in.

About the rear from your machine are inputs for the 24-pin universal connector, mini-HDMI, audio out, A/V in, microUSB, and electrical energy. For the appropriate side could be a microSD Bank card slot, and also the bottom houses it plus a tripod mount. The PK301 happens using a lightly padded circumstance.

The PK301 is also bundled by having an adapter cable that connects the universal port to VGA. a couple.5mm-to-component connector, plus a USB cable. Sadly, the integrated documentation--a easy fold-out pamphlet--is skimpy compared on the 160-webpage, 16-language booklet that arrives with the Samsung SP-H03 projector.


For the prime from the PK301 is often a 4-way push-button navigation pad with two further buttons for Menu and input supply. The all-black buttons will probably be impossible to make use of have been they not backlit blue. The PK301's on-display selections are simple to know--the primary menu lets you decide on between RAM (settings), microSD, USB, and Investigation--nonetheless it's simplistic fot it to the Samsung SP-H03. Additionally, the backdrop within the menu fades to black also it seems like the look is receiving reduce off, which can be alarming the very first time you utilize it.


Although pico projectors aren't going to rival complete-dimension projectors in relation to brightness, we observed the rated 50 lumens using the PK-301 to generally be plenty ample inside a darkened room. The brightness can also be refused to twenty lumens in Regular mode. Although its native resolution is 854 x 480 pixels, the PK301 can venture images approximately 1080i. It supports 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MPEG-4 video formats, and BMP and JPEG photographs.

We observed the focusing ring to become really precise. It had the very best level of stiffness to make sure we didn't must force it into posture, and didn't experience enjoy it would drift out of focus. Having said that, we'd like there is an anti-keystoning function therefore the PK301 didn't ought to be on the same amount since the image it projected.

Also unlike the Samsung SP-H03 along with the 3M Mpro150, the PK301 can't natively view PowerPoint presentations; you need to initial connect the projector with a ntoebook through USB and hang in the ArcSoft Press Converter several software which is about the projector alone. So as to notice a PowerPoint, you will have to drag and drop files to the Media Converter 3 app, that can then exchange the presentation around the projector. Also other observe that this application converts the presentation to static photographs, therefore you shed any animation and sound.

Battery Day to day living and Warranty

Although projector corporations are usually hyperbolic inside their states, the PK301's stated battery day to day living of a single hour (in 20 lumen mode) was actually close to exact; the battery died following 56 minutes of playing a show continually. However, the Samsung SP-H03's battery lasted 40 mins extended. Optoma sells an prolonged power supply that it statements provides greater than five hours of actively playing time.


There are some points we like regarding the Optoma PK301; of each one of the pico projectors we've examined not long ago, it's the easiest and many accurate to focus, and possesses a fantastic number of connection selections. It is really photographs may also be rather bright. Nonetheless, we elect the Samsung SP-H03, which may be a smaller amount high priced, has more time battery lifestyle, and may exhibit PowerPoints natively.