Wordpress Freelance Support

Jeremy April 21, 2011 Webmaster FAQ

Use of WordPress Freelance is completely free for buyers, meaning you have nothing to lose by posting your project for Programmers to browse and bid on. Optionally you may choose to pay a $10 'Featured Project' fee and your project will be 'Featured' giving it maximum exposure throughout the site, but this is completely optional.

Jeremy April 21, 2011 Webmaster FAQ

Once bidding has been concluded and you have chosen a Programmer, and he/she has accepted the project, you will be put in touch with your Programmer directly. During the bidding, you may use the project message board functions on the site to discuss the project and provide any further details or clarification that is required. Any attempts to bypass this and allow contact with the Programmer directly by posting phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information may result in the suspension of your account. Please help support the concept behind Wordpress Freelance to ensure it remains a worthwhile and productive venture for all involved by respecting the Terms and Conditions.

Jeremy March 03, 2011 Solutions

A "Contact" link to the Private Message Board will appear below the project description only after you place a bid on the project. This is by design to stop users trying to steal the project without bidding.